Roasted Yellow Squash

I am what you may refer to as a “squash person.” I think I have to be, right? I mean I’m as basic as they come, so by default when the calendar strikes day after labor day, you will find me sporting my PSL and in my left hand and my Target REDcard in my right, ready to find some cute bunting to pen “hello fall” on. I will blabber on about all things pumpkin when Special Spice Co rolls out Pumpkin Spice this fall, but for this post I want to talk ’bout some yellow squash.

Not going to talk your ears off (type your eyes off?) though, because if you’re like me, you don’t read all of the words in the recipe blog, you just read the recipe, ignoring even the helpful tips. So don’t worry, no helpful tips here, just a simple recipe for us basic girls and anyone else looking to add some good veggie side dishes to their repertoire.


  • Yellow squash, sliced then quartered
  • Special Spice Co. Seasoning Salt (of course!)
  • Olive oil

Directions: Toss all ingredients in a bowl, spread on a foil-lined pan and roast for 20 min at 400°, and that is it!


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