Seasoned Toast

This really shouldn’t count as a recipe so I’m just going to tell you about my day instead. I also don’t really consider myself a writer, so I’m going to share the events in list form:

  1. I flushed part of the toilet that was tossed in at the perfect time by my whirling-water obsessed baby.
  2. I dialed my always-understanding and forgiving husband nine times in a row in an attempt to apologize for something I didn’t mean to imply.
  3. Our friendly, ever-watching neighbor came out to make sure I knew my older children were playing in the road while I was strapping baby boy into the car against his will. After a friendly thank-you and wave, I angrily threw the other two in the car against their will.
  4. We had a quiet trip to “Baby Bookworm” time at the library.
  5. After ushering my three kiddos into the room, I attempted to rotate each on my lap and then gave up, allowing them to roll, run, and crawl around while I avoided eye-contact with the librarian and the other moms, each with their single babies on their laps.library time.jpg
  6. While throwing grilled-cheese leftovers, pickles, and turkey meat at my kids for lunch, I made a frustrated call to (what I thought was) Lowe’s customer service and just let it all out.
  7. The nice couple who owned the roofing company for which I left my message showed up at my door shortly thereafter. “We understand you had some problems with the job?” Gulp.
  8. While talking to the roof couple in our backyard, my children were napping so I told them I couldn’t talk long because I had a bazillion things to do and five minutes to do it. I ran back in to switch over the laundry and wasn’t surprised to hear a child crying. But wait, this sound was coming from…outside? I opened the front door to find my half-naked two-year-old son outside screaming for mama. I pulled him inside, put him in some underwear and waited for CPS to show up at my door.
  9. While I waited, I decided to switch over that laundry and discovered that I had washed a diaper. I WASHED A DIAPER. Have you ever washed a diaper before? Then you know. They explode into millions of absorbent particles. Everywhere.
  10. That was not my first time washing a diaper.

This day was not too far from ordinary for me, but at this point I was feeling pretty terrible about myself, my ability as mom, and my ability to function as a person in general. I then trudged to the car to head to the dentist for my first-ever cavity fillings. I sat down, took a deep breath, plugged in my usually-low-on-battery phone, and turned on the car.

Then I almost cried when I heard the sweet lyrics to “Amazing Grace” being belted from my car radio straight into my weary heart. What a much-needed reminder!


Every day I am given grace. I will mess up. Screw up. Embarrass myself, and just generally fail every day, but I am given grace every day.  And I need to be reminded every day. I cannot be my perfect self on my own, there is no way. But because Jesus died for me, he took on my sins and I am free. Free to start tomorrow off with a blank page. Cavity-free.

Oh, and if you put some Special Spice Co seasoning salt on some buttered bread and toast it in the oven, it tastes really good. You’re welcome.

And thank you, for letting me vent about my day.signature