Did I ever tell you about the time I was CHASED by a CHICKEN (really, I think it was a rooster) in my SUBURBAN subdivision?? No?

No, this is not an actual picture of the chicken that chased me.

Okay here goes:  Picture me, huffing and puffing up a hill with something like a 65 degree incline on one of the main roads in my neighborhood.  At that point in my life I was running regularly but that hill was so steep and so long that no matter how “fit” I was, I never ran up it.  Or walked briskly, even.  It’s one of those East Tennessee hills whose crests get further away the longer you walk up them.  “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can,” was what most likely was going through my head that pleasant, late-spring evening when I first heard it.  And now it haunts me.


I turned around, half-expecting to see some sort of confused dog (totally not judging those dogs who identify as chickens) or a really annoying child, but instead (and to my horror) saw a large chicken. Running. After ME!!!

So many thoughts. Is that a chicken? Why is it here? What does it want with me? Can I go any faster? What will it do when it catches me?

I didn’t want to find out, so I started running and when he was getting closer and not slowing down, I started to scream. “Help!” I couldn’t say much else because I was so out of breath but it didn’t matter because there was no one around to hear.

**And did I mention I have some sort of phobia of birds, especially chickens? No? Well I do.**

You all, that chicken did not slow down and it looked MAD. Like he knew I had eaten at Chick-Fil-A that day or something.  I probably did.  I knew I was bigger than the chicken, but he was faster (and had some sort of tattoo that I think means he had killed before). So in a moment of desperation, I grabbed an empty garbage can and rolled it down the hill toward the chicken. It apparently scared him and he turned around and headed home. And then I laughed. Partially out of relief and partially because I was chased by a chicken and didn’t think anyone would ever believe that story. I sure hope you do!

And I sure hope you like (to eat) chicken as much as I do.

But you know what? I ALWAYS use Special Spice Co Seasoning Salt when I make chicken.   Allllways.  Whether its for Chicken Riggies, a casserole, or just roasted or grilled, trust me when I say that chicken is better with Special Spice!

One amazing and incredibly handy way to cook chicken is in a crock-pot. The chicken shreds up nicely and then can be used in dozens of easy weeknight meals. Take that chicken!

Here is an excellent recipe for crock-pot shredded chicken. Just don’t forget to add a good amount of Special Spice Co. Seasoning Salt to add some flavor! (Order some here).



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