Thanksgiving 2017

When the leaves fade from green to burnt to brown and silently fall to create a calico pattern, I am reminded that it is October and is the start of a season of celebrating.  And planning .  And work. And things and stress and eye twitches. But the leaves didn’t know when they finally gave up the fight that they would send moms around the world (especially moms of kids with fall birthdays) into a tailspin, so you can’t blame them. Or the child who has been building up her birthday party in her mind and on paper drawings for months. I blame myself. And my love of Pinterest.

Now the leaves no longer drop from branches, but tumble from here to there in the yard and become piled up here for a jump, or blown over there and tracked into the house. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I am finished prepping my food and the house is as clean as it will be for the next 3-4 years so I am pausing in gratitude for the many blessings in my life.

For my dad who brought ALL of the finger foods for my daughters birthday party, even though he recently found out he has cancer.

For my husband who works until his eyes blur and never complains.

For my mom who I can call and complain to who empathizes with me because she has been there before.

Of course, I could never leave out free Walmart grocery pick-up especially Lee, who always picks the best produce for me. Thank-you Lee, if you’re out there!

There is so much more I am thankful for. For lovely friends, adorable children and their bedtimes, easy access to a bathtub and washing machine,  a fenced-in backyard, the Love of Christ I feel every single day, dogs who eat what the children throw on the floor,  and cinnamon. Just to name a few.

The more I reflect on how much I am thankful for, the more I realize how much I, like a late-fall leaf, need to let go. Let go of the ideal, the perfect, the Emily Henderson-designed living room, the perfect party, and embrace what I have. Because I have so much.

Hopefully, when the leaves are no longer part of our landscaping and Christmas lights are hung on branches in their place, I will continue to embrace a let-go attitude. Maybe by staying away from Pinterest, or maybe by choosing gratitude every day, not just on Thanksgiving.

If you didn’t have Special Spice Co Seasoning Salt or Pumpkin Spice on-hand while cooking your Thanksgiving meal, I’m sorry. Don’t let it happen again, order some today! 🙂

I don’t have a specific recipe for you this time, but you could use my spices for every single on of your Thanksgiving dishes.  The seasoning salt makes an excellent dry turkey rub, you could add it to your casseroles, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, and butter for your rolls. And of course, what is a pumpkin pie without pumpkin spice?? It is also great in sweet potatoes and anything apple.

Teesdale Family 2017 Christmas-22
Thankful for my family and our favorite photographer, Jaclyn!


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