IMG_3194I have probably thought about this blog post at least 100 times before now. Maybe 101, I don’t know. It weaved in and out of my brain at night when I should have been sleeping and whirled around in messy thoughts every time I cooked with a Special Spice Co bottle in hand. Which, as you can imagine, is pretty much every day. And although this post is on a blog I recently started to share my recipes and spices, I aim for it to be more than that. For me, at least. And I’ll take comfort in my small, yet very personal readership.

When I decided to start selling seasoning mixes almost a year ago, I remember thinking that my church’s craft fair would be the best place to start. It was on December Second of this past year, a day now that I will always remember as the day we held my Dad’s Celebration of Life. Since that day, I have not been able to bring myself to actively market my spices. For some reason, this business is deeply connected with my dad and I felt that it kind of died with him.

My dad was an entrepreneur himself and always had lots of ideas. I remember him encouraging me to follow through with my crazy ideas when I was a kid, and because of that encouragement, I have never been afraid to start something big. My dad was a risk-taker; a doer, and he didn’t seem to let anything bring him down. He seemed confident that cancer wasn’t going to bring him down either and I was too. I was shocked and devastated the night I found out he died, and although the shock is gone the hurt and questions remain.

If you knew my dad though, you would know that he also was not a quitter, and he would not have wanted me to quit, either. He still holds the record for the largest single order of Special Spice ever (Thank you dad!). He said that he planned to give them as Christmas gifts.  So although the miles of grief still stretch out ahead of me, I feel I must push forward with Special Spice Co.

I would like to honor my dad and help keep his memory alive by giving away my “Blackbird” seasoning salt at no charge during the month of March. It is pictured here on some random baby spinach. Not so random after all because you could add this seasoning with a little balsamic vinegar and oil (strawberried, feta and pecans to if you have them) for a great salad.


I have memories of my dad sprinkling pepper on his food all the time as a kid, so this is a blend of my seasoning that has a very fine pepper in it that gives it a little bit of a kick. I also have good memories of my dad singing his favorite Beatles song, “Blackbird.” A few friends and family members reported during the ceremony seeing multitudes (hundreds) of blackbirds descend upon the grounds just outside the clubhouse where it was held, and said they felt my Dad’s presence there.

Here are the lyrics to the song:


And reading these lyrics now, I am comforted (slightly) knowing that my dad no longer has the broken wings he had his whole life and is finally learning to fly, in Heaven.

So, whether you are a friend in Knoxville or a family member far away, please help me honor my dad by accepting my gift of Blackbird seasoning. I am not using Etsy for this, just message or email me if you would like some.  And as always, I hope you love it.


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