About Me

Hi, I’m Katie, so glad you stopped by! I’ve always loved cheesy cooking shows (remember Sandra Lee?), experimenting with different flavors, somehow making unnecessary amounts of mess while cooking, and well… Eating.  I am what you would call a “hot mess” mom who needs a daily reminder of the grace I’ve been given from the God who gives it freely. I can usually be found with my hot mess husband (minus the mess!) and three (usually) adorable children. I love a good chat over a mediocre cup of coffee and generally have a hard time sitting still long enough to do anything else. My dream from the time I was a young girl going door-to-door selling balloons with toys in them (to toddlers and adults who felt bad for me) was to be an entrepreneur. Special Spice Co. is the ‘dream come true I’ve been dreaming of’ and I have all of you to thank for supporting that dream.

Much Love,

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